Trial run for course registration via the In-Bar portal for all 2023 academic year

A trial run for course registration via the In-Bar portal for all 2023 academic year students

 who will be registering via the virtual counseling system

will begin on Tuesday, July 26, 2022 and continue through Thursday, August 25, 2022

The system will open up gradually beginning at 9:00 AM and will remain open continuously through the last day (August 25) at midnight.

The link to the trial run will be available via In-Bar on the morning of Thursday, July 26.

Please note!

This registration is a trial run only, intended for practice only!

At the end of each day of the trial period, registration for any courses on that day will be erased.

During the live registration period you will need to re-register for all courses!

* Some degree tracks are not available for registration via virtual counseling. Additional details may be found here.

For your information –

  • New students only: Befor registering pleas verify that your dgree is update correctly. You can view the chosen degree track in the in-bar portal >> Candidate >> Registraion. If it is not, please contact as follows: for bachelor degree students, use the student admission form; for graduate degree students, use the graduate school form.
  • For academic questions, such as course clusters, courses within the clusters, registration credits, etc. please contact the individual departments using the ‘administrative requests’ forms found in the ‘administrative requests’ menu in the In-Bar portal.
  •  If your assigned English level doesn’t match your English abilities please contact the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) unit via email at
  • For technical issues such as system access, unclear error messages, units that have not been updated, incorrect official year of study, incorrect study track, please contact the Services and Recruitment Center at *9392 or via this contact form.